Prophetic Word July 6, 2019

Prophetic Word, July 6, 2019

I received this word from the Lord and wanted to share it with you. Several weeks ago I heard the Lord say that we were entering the season called,” NEW”  I didn’t realize at the time that in order to enter this season, He wanted to prepare us for it through some shakings and storms. I, personally have been experiencing this even though there has been a powerful outpouring of the Spirit and a powerful demonstration of the word of the Lord among us. I pray that this word ministers hope to you as it did to me.

“ Many of you have felt like you have been shaken to the core of your being. You have wondered when the storm will cease and when you will arrive at the other side. You have wondered if I have abandoned you and left you to fight by yourself. FEAR NOT! I AM WITH YOU! Shakings and storms are just part of the process to make you stronger. Your spiritual muscle is growing bigger every day…even if you can’t see it. Look and see the progress that you have made. Five years ago, these things would have taken you out of the race. BUT, now you have persevered and you have progressed beyond what you thought was possible.

The shakings and storms not only make you stronger but they eliminate those things from your life that are not needed for the future. Remember that My kingdom is UNSHAKEABLE! So, seek My kingdom FIRST! The shakings reveal hidden treasures that are down deep in your vessel. You  have valuable gifts  that are still undiscovered. You will need these in the new season. Let all the debris of the last season be shaken away by My presence and power. Let the wind of My Spirit blow away all the negative effects of your yesterdays. There is so much more to come in days ahead…why would you hold on so tightly to what has been. If you will let go, you can take hold!

I have allowed you to come to the end of your strength so that you will have utter dependence on Me in the day ahead. This will be the “ Day of My Power.” I will use you to be a manifestation of My resurrection life. It will be a surpassing greatness of power that you will know is not your own. The new day is dawning! The realms of the miraculous is opening in new dimensions to My church. The demonstration of My power will show forth My glory and will bring about the greatest harvest of all time. Those who have persevered under the trials of their faith, will shine brightly. These are the ones who have decreased so that I may increase in them. In this NEW DAY, you will say that it has been worth it all!  Your tears will be turned to joy as you delight in the abundance of the new wine and the oil.” Read More →