“DRY BONES COME ALIVE” December 30, 2018

DECEMBER 30, 2018 “DRY BONES COME ALIVE”  December 30, 2018 Prophetic Word – LaNora Morin,   Some of us may be having a dry bones issue going on in our lives Sometimes things enter our bones that we don’t even know are affecting why we’re doing what we’re doing.  The power of God is here to bring an awakening, to bring a revival, to bring a raising up.  Let’s ask the … Read More →

“GO BEYOND” December 30, 2018

The Lord would say to you:  “ I have already gone beyond your horizons.  I’ve gone beyond what you’ve been seeing.  So God says, ‘It’s a time to look again, to hear again.  Begin to see what I’m seeing, and hear what I’m hearing.  And begin to speak what I’m saying.  I will have an activated people.  I will have a prophetic people.

I will have a people who live and move and have their being in Me.   And through Me they shall work wonders, says the Lord.  For it is a time that I am doing an outpouring of the miraculous.  I will shift you out of the realm of being an ordinary, everyday Christian into one that walks in the supernatural power of my Spirit.  But you must yield what you see, what you hear, what you think to My ways, and My thoughts and My doings.  For I will break the barriers of your mindsets, of the things that you think you know.  For I am so far beyond, I am way beyond what you think you know.  And I’m asking you to come up to a new level in this season.  And begin to look with Me and begin to speak and live in that realm.  Because there is still a war.  And you will have to learn how to walk in the clouds,” says God. 

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8 Keys to 2018 – The Year of New Beginnings

Dear Prophetic Friends, I have never been more excited about what the Lord says for the New Year as I am this year. I want to pass on to you 8 Keys to 2018: The Year of New Beginnings   1.  SURRENDER AND SUBMIT- Proverbs 15:33 in the Passion Bible says, “The source of revelation knowledge is found as you fall down in surrender before the Lord. Don’t expect to see … Read More →

Word of the Lord for This Season!


Happy Thanksgiving friends and co-laborers in the Kingdom! We are so grateful for you and your partnership with us to establish a triumphant testimony of revival! In this hour, we know that we are standing at a new door of opportunity and our promised land is just ahead. This is a time to truly walk in faith as we stretch to overcome the giants! A few weeks ago an old … Read More →

Changes in 5778!


Dear Seekers, This week we enter into the year 5778. So, Happy Rosh Hashanah and may the Lord usher you into this new season with JOY! Earlier this week, the Lord put these scriptures on my heart: Matthew 16:19 “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be … Read More →