November and December 2018


JANUARY 12, 2018 – LET THE OIL FLOW, Times of Revival
with Evangelist Johnny Taylor and the Flowing Oil team


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June 2018

Dear FountainGate Friends and Partners,

We hd a powerful Kingdom Legacy Gathering! We hope you could be part of it with us, but if you couldn’t, you can still watch it on Fountain of Life YouTube.

The Lord had told Jody before the Gathering that He would be giving us keys for the next season: individual, corporate and a master key. This certainly came to pass! I believe the master key was given in Johnny Taylor’s message. The master key is the key that unlocks all doors. The name of this key is “Pure Hunger.” Let’s ask the Lord to show us anything we have been filling ourselves with other rather than Jesus and His Presence.  What brings us true satisfaction and fulfillment rather than Jesus and His Presence. What brings us true satisfaction and fulfillment?  It must be Him!

 Here is a list of other keys that I found during the Gathering.

  • Take every thought captive, call on the name of the Lord, humble yourself, hear and know the truth, renounce what is against His ways and will, and make repentance a way of life.
  • As you submit to God, you will be noticed by God and receive favor.
  • Daily say, “Yes SIR!” (souls, Israel, revival). Make His priorities your own.
  • There is a remnant who knows that RESTORATION is the word of the  Lord for this season. They know it, God is shaking loose the wealth of nations to bring into His house and people to bring Him glory.
  • All the prior moves of God are coming forward together in a mighty move of God that the nameless and faceless will lead. If man tries to put his hand on it to stop it or control it, it will only grow larger.
  • There is a pure hunger in people that can never get enough.
  • As we submit to God in worship and exalt Him above our circumstances, the devil will flee.
  • they pray it, they declare it.
  • The harvest is ready but we have not been ready … now is the time to GET READY
  • because they are coming. We lead them to Jesus outside the 4 walls and bring them in to be discipled in the Word.
  • Go stand at the threshold of God in this time of the open door and ask Him largely. He wants to give you the desires of your heart.
  • We must have regular power encounters with His manifest presence.
  • We must tell it to our children and grandchildren. Build altars and dig wells like Abraham did.
  • The outcome of all of this is an empowered church that leaves the building doing the works of Jesus and reaping His harvest … His reward.

Right now we are planning our next Gathering, “Worship, War and Glory” sometime around Rosh Hashanah. The Lord has been showing me that in 5779 we will either be His servants, bowing to His Majesty or we will take on the nature of the serpent. It will be a year to submit and surrender in worship, fight a good fight (war) and enter into new realms of glory.


We want to encourage you to consider joining us in March to journey back to Israel. This is astrategic time to put your feet on that ground! We are going to some brand new sights in Israel as well as Rome and Greece. One of my favorite spots in Rome is Paul’s prison, where he wrote some of the epistles. From the window of his cell, he could see the Coliseum and hear the sounds of his brethren being martyred. This place impacted me and changed my life. From here, the Apostle said, “Rejoice in the Lord always!”



FountainGate Israel Tour

We declare that the Lord is watching over His Word over your life to perform it! Stay on His path and see your time of fulfillment is now!

For His Glory,

Jody and LaNora



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