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Release God’s Truth Over Your Children


LaNora is now offering a free preview of her book, 40 Days to Freedom, Prayers and Proclamations to Call Your Backslidden Children Into Their Destiny. Every parent who has a backslidden child needs a word from the Lord every day. The words you will read in this book are words of healing, hope, and deliverance. This is not only a daily devotional but also an anointed action plan to help you stand for your children’s freedom. After these 40 days of prayer and proclamations, you will never be the same — and neither will your kids! The author speaks candidly from first-hand experience when her own children were away from the Lord. Not only does she share the trials of those days but also the strategies God gave her that brought them home.

Coming Soon

Fountain Gate Ministries International is making an impact across the globe through Spirit-filled courses, speaking engagements, and prophetic teaching led by LaNora Morin. LaNora Morin is the of President of FountainGate Ministries International, an apostolic and prophetic revivalist with a breaker anointing, as well as a certified Life Purpose Coach.


It’s Time For Change

This podcast will help God’s people break through the things that are holding them back from living their lives to the fullest potential! Some people have felt stuck long enough! IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE! Whether the obstacles are blocking your ministry, your relationships, or your progress in the workplace, something has to change in order to move into all the Lord has for you. There are necessary and strategic life transitions that can break old cycles and result in living according to your personal destiny and purpose. This podcast is for those people, young and old, who desire to be part of this revival remnant.You will receive an impartation of Biblical understanding and prophetic insights, including strategies to help you discover your calling and get you on track with your God-given destiny and purpose.



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