Word of The Lord October 25, 2020

A Word from God October 25, 2020 What is this that has cluttered up your life?  What is this that has gotten all of your attention?  For don’t you know that My Isaiah prophet said that, “Those who upon the Lord shall renew their strength.’’  So I’m calling My people to wait for Me.  If you wait for Me, you’ll see Me.  If you wait for Me, you’ll walk with … Read More →

It Will All Shake Out – November, 2020 Newsletter

It Will All Shake Out! November, 2020 Dear Revival Remnant, This has been an unusual season for us. The first weekend of October, we had “The Arise and Shine Glory Conference.” If you missed it, you can still access it on our YouTube channel or on our Facebook page. All the messages were so timely and were preparation for the days we are in now. On Wednesday, following the election, … Read More →

September 6, 2020

LaNora Morin – A Word from God – September 6, 2020And the Lord says, “My glory is not beyond reach.  My glory is not beyond reach.  I came down so that you can rise up.  I died and paid a price that heaven could come and fill you with My fire.  Understand what you have within you,” says the Lord. “Let My Spirit arise!  Let My Spirit arise within you!  … Read More →

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