Establish Order and Take Territory!


Dear Anointed Ones, We just returned from the Head of the Year Gathering in Denton, Texas with Chuck Pierce and other apostolic leaders. Our hearts are full of the revelation and the impartation we received during those days. We want to encourage you all to go to and watch the replays this week as they are being offered. You will get a full understanding of what the year 5777 … Read More →

September 2016 Announcements

A Personal Message from LaNora Morin Dear FountainGate friends, This month, we wanted to send you a personal live greeting instead of our usual newsletter. We realize your inbox gets full of more than you can possibly read. Let us know if you enjoy this format better. Click here for LaNora’s schedule A Personal Message from Melanie Ross Click here to visit A Personal Invitation from LaNora Israel 2017 … Read More →

Kingdom Violence


Dear Faithful Warriors, Almost daily we are hearing reports on the news of acts of terror and violence across our country and the world. The days we are living in could cause fear and trembling in our hearts unless we are Kingdom minded. The Word of God warns us that a day will come when men’s hearts will fail them because of fear. Often times, those of us who have … Read More →

Glory On The Move!

Chuck Pierce

Dear Glory Carriers, If you attended or watched the live stream of the “Avalanche of His Glory” revival gathering, you may still be meditating on the richness of His glory that came through the worship, the Word, personal ministry and impartation. We have been listening again which cause us to look again at what God is doing in this strategic time. We were delighted to host many of you and … Read More →

Pentecost is Coming!


Dear Revival Seekers, At this strategic time, many things are hanging in the balance. People are feeling shaky as they look on the horizon and are filled with questions about the future. It’s as if we are becoming more and more aware of how out of control we really are. These are the days that the writer of Hebrews spoke of in Heb. 12: 26-29: “And His voice shook the … Read More →