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Jody and LaNora Morin

Jody and LaNora Morin

Dear Revival Friends,

With Passover approaching, there are many things we could write concerning this “beginning of months.” Above all else, let us be grateful for our Passover–Jesus–and His blood that never loses its power! As well, we want to remember how He delivered us from bondage and destruction and brought us out into His glorious kingdom of light! This is not a time for us to wander in the wilderness but to press through adversity and take possession of our inheritance!

Brenda Kilpatrick and LaNora Morin

Brenda Kilpatrick and LaNora Morin

This morning, I was awakened at 3:33. God doesn’t usually speak to me this way, but it was the third time this happened! So, of course, I went to the familiar passage in Jeremiah 33:3 in the Amplified version.

“Call to Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things fenced in and hidden, which you do not know (do not distinguish and recognize, have knowledge of and understand.)”

Brenda Kilpatrick

Brenda Kilpatrick

I believe that the Lord is saying to us to ask Him to reveal the things that are closed in and hidden so that we can see beyond our current surroundings and circumstances. He desires for us to look up and see past the present limitations and gain vision for the fullness of the manifestation of His kingdom! We shall see an increase in healings, miracles, and restoration of lives and families.

The “Stake Your Claim Gathering” was such a powerful time with all the “Women of Revival.” Pastor Brenda Kilpatrick stirred the flames of revival in our hearts and spoke to us as a true mother in the Lord. We are going to carry the torch and raise up a legacy of a revival generation. Remember, He told me that there will be “an earth-shaking, ground breaking, heaven rending, gate opening, glory revealing generation arising! Now is that time! If you did not get to join us, you can still order the DVDS and CDs here. You would not want to miss these timely messages.

Praying at Women's Gathering

Praying at Women’s Gathering

We also hope you are making plans to be with us for the “Avalanche of GloryRevival Gathering,” June 8th-11th. These are days set aside for us to gather and be inundated with all that He has been storing up to be released upon us for the days ahead. We are so honored to have Apostle Chuck Pierce, Pastor John Kilpatrick, Pastor Bob Beckett and Pastor Sergio Scataglini with us for these days of harvest glory! It’s important for you to register and save your spots now! Register Here

Women's Gathering

Women’s Gathering

Our prayer for you this month is that you and your family will move into new dimensions of the glory of God. Where the glory is there is no lack! No sickness and disease! No fear! No oppression or depression! No division and strife! MAY THERE BE A SUDDEN RUSH–An AVALANCHE– OF ANSWERED PRAYERS COMING DOWN UPON YOU!

For His Glory,
Jody and LaNora

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APRIL 2015

Dear Redeemed Ones,

This is one of our favorite times of year as we enter into a time of remembering the sacrifice of our Lamb and the celebration of our resurrected King. As well, we love to enter into the celebration of Passover!

When we enter into Passover, we are reminded that this was the last meal that Jesus had here on earth with His disciples. Leaven, which represents sin, had been cleansed from the home, and the Lamb, Himself, observed the feast with His friends. Still, they had not understood that His kingdom would not be an earthly one. Together, they celebrated the freedom from the bondage of Egypt and the power of the blood on the doorposts in that first Passover. They ate the unleavened bread that reminded them that their forefathers had no time to let bread rise for the journey ahead. They tasted the bitter herbs that reminded them of how their people had suffered in their slavery. And they ate of the lamb. THIS PASSOVER THE DOORPOSTS WOULD BE THE BEAMS OF A CROSS THAT WOULD BE STAINED WITH THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB OF GOD!

This Passover was different from others. Jesus used the symbolism of the meal to illustrate to them who He was. He essentially said, “This meal is a picture of Me. Whenever you have Passover from now on, remember Me. I am the bread, the wine is My blood–I am the Lamb!” After dinner, He laid aside His garments and as a servant, washed their feet. Isn’t this a true, riveting part of the picture of our redemption? Jesus made Himself of no reputation and when we walk in Him, we are not insecure and concerned about our position or recognition. Let us remember that He was beaten beyond recognition for our sakes. Our pursuit should not be to seek the approval of men, but to lift Him up through our lives so that He will be seen and glorified! Because He stretched Himself out on the cross, death has got to pass over us!

Recently, we have been revisiting the word that God gave me in January when I was at Glory of Zion for “Start the Year off Right” CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO The Lord has been saying to us that we must lift up His standard in this hour. He is looking for standard bearers. What is the standard? His cross is our standard….unrestrained, outrageous, unconditional love, radical obedience, and freely flowing forgiveness. His Word is also our standard by which we live our lives.
In this day, there are many winds of doctrine that are not aligned to the principles of God’s Word. In the last days, many will be deceived because of going after teachers who “tickle their ears” and flatter their flesh. LET THE REMNANT ARISE AND LIFT UP THE BANNERS OF HIS CROSS AND HIS WORD! We cannot emphasize enough the need for discipleship and the study of the Word of God in this hour. Alignment, accountability and authority are very closely linked. Good works that seem successful are not necessarily good fruit. The Word says that good fruit comes from hearing the Word and understanding it. ( Matt 13:23) Good fruit is a direct result of understanding the Word of God! Many will say they have done this or done that in His name and He may not even recognize them in the final day. Therefore in this Passover and Resurrection season let us hear and receive the Word and bring forth fruit for His glory.

With these things on our hearts, we have planned some key gatherings for the months ahead. We do not want to just have conferences but rather, key strategic gatherings to move us forward with what God is saying to us.

  • PASTOR JOHN KILPATRICK will be joining us for a PENTECOSTAL GATHERING: A NIGHT OF REVIVAL Monday, May 25th at 7pm, Fountain of Life Christian Fellowship, 6056 E. Baseline, Suite 134, Mesa, AZ 85206. This is Memorial Day so make your plans now to join us. You will not need to register for this, but be aware that space is limited.
  • “MARCH FORWARD” – A Gathering for pastors and spouses.
  • Friday, May 29th with Pastors Bob and Susan Beckett
  • If you are a pastor, this man and woman of God will meet you right where you are with Godly wisdom and insight. Click Here to Register

Pastor Kilpatrick is a true apostle of revival and Pastor Beckett is an apostle of pastors and leaders. Both will be preparing the way for the prophetic gathering in June.

  • June 25th-27th at Fountain of Life Christian Fellowship.
  • You can now Register Here to save your spot. There is room for 300 for this Gathering.
  • SHAKE THE NATIONS — A HEALING EVANGELISTIC CRUSADE with Nathan Morris and Lydia Marrow. August 14th-15th, 7pm Doubletree San Tan Elegante, 1800 S. Santan Village Pkwy, Gilbert, AZ 85296.
  • Bring the lost and those who need healing.
THIS IS HOW HARVEST GLORY WILL MANIFEST AMONG US! As we build upon the foundations of the apostles and prophets, we will arise into a new level of shining for Him. The miraculous realm is about to be released to such a measure that we will reap a great harvest of souls!

May this Passover and Resurrection season be days in which you sense the nearness and love of God in a very tangible way. May the meal take on new meaning as your rehearse the goodness of God to deliver us from bondage, redeem us, and restore us to fellowship with our Father. May the power of His resurrection invade any plans of darkness and arise in brilliant radiance through your lives. We look forward to being with you in the season ahead to pursue His purposes for the Prophetic Remnant here in Arizona!

For His Glory,
Jody and LaNora

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