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Jody & LaNora Morin

Happy Thanksgiving friends and co-laborers in the Kingdom! We are so grateful for you and your partnership with us to establish a triumphant testimony of revival!

In this hour, we know that we are standing at a new door of opportunity and our promised land is just ahead. This is a time to truly walk in faith as we stretch to overcome the giants!

A few weeks ago an old friend of mine sent me a prophecy that I gave back in 2007. It has been just over 10 years since the Lord spoke this to me. I believe NOW is the time of fulfillment. Ten is a number of fulfillment!

My Josephs – Arise To The Awakening of The Dream
by LaNora Morin

A great shaking has certainly caused a great awakening. In this hour, I need My Josephs. Today I am awakening your dream. Fear not the arising of the promise within you. Some of you have endured the stripping of your garment of favor at the hands of your brethren, and yes, even of your very own family. And you have survived the pit of destruction because you would not compromise. You were cast down again and again.

But know this though men forgot you, I have not forgotten you. Today I am releasing your dream from captivity, and it’s time for you to review and renew and refine and define what I have said to you even many years ago. For I have repositioned you and you will not return to your place of former devastation. But you will return to Me in a whole new way. And you will not long for what used to be before the days of your captivity, but you will be enraptured as your soul begins to dream again with Me.

Royalty will have a whole new look in this hour. Those who are being clothed with authority for the final hour will wear a mantle of humility and walk with a limp of brokenness. Be not moved by the sensational or the extravagant, or the flamboyant merchandising of the anointing, but be awake and alert and watch! For those coming forth from Me in this hour will come forth out of the wilderness with the sound of heaven, and they will not toot their own horn, or proclaim their own name; but they shall prepare a people for the trumpet blast which will split the skies. They will be known by My name and by the identity of My cross!

So arise to the awakening of the dream I have set within you, for now is the time. It all was for the preparation of your heart and the forming of your character; for the royal seed must be groomed and trained in the way of the King. The great authority that you will now carry will establish the Kingdom of God and destroy the works of the dominions of darkness. Believe Me when I tell you, you will say, ‘It was worth the wait!’ Those who stripped you, accused you, and cast you down will come trembling before you with great need of bread. And so weep and break bread. The reproach and the disgrace of the famine and the previous season will be eradicated and eliminated, says the Lord of the Harvest.

Pastor LaNora

In October, I thought it would be a great blessing for Jody if I took him to Church of His Presence to the Prophecy Conference with Perry Stone, Lindell Cooley, and Pastor John Kilpatrick for his birthday. I found myself in the middle of a destiny moment when Pastor Kilpatrick asked me to take his place on Saturday morning because he was sick. I was there for one thing, but God had another plan. He had been preparing me because I had been hearing Holy Spirit tell me, “BE READY TO STRETCH WITH ME!” I definitely felt stretched! God was so faithful to take my little and multiply it to feed the multitude.

Like Joseph, we need to be ready to shift into the present calling of the Lord. We must let go of what has defined us in the past season and arise to God’s dream for our lives today. The Lord is calling His Josephs to be positioned in a whole new way.

Our apostolic decree over you for this season is:
You shall arise into your new season of fulfillment! You will see the waters part and cross over into your promised land. As you pursue the presence, angels will be on your path to give you help. It is time for sons and daughters to prophesy! Call them out of the pits and prisons and into their purposes. Break through is here!

Pastor Brenda

Save these dates:

December 3 – LaNora is preaching at Fountain of Life Christian Fellowship, Mesa, AZ at 10:30 A.M.

Saturday, April 14, 2018 — Women of Revival Gathering – “Daughters of the King” with Pastor Brenda Kilpatrick and myself.

May 31- June 2 — Kingdom Legacy Revival Gathering with Pastor John Kilpatrick, Rev. Ward Simpson –CEO of GOD TV, and Rev. Johnny Taylor with Flowing Oil Ministry.

For His Glory,
Jody and LaNora

The Winds of Change are Blowing2019-01-15T19:30:51-07:00

happy thanksgiving
Dear Revival Carriers,

Jody and LaNora Morin

Jody and LaNora Morin

Today I am reviewing some of the words we have received from the Lord this past year. At the beginning of 2016, He said “This will be a year of shakings and suddenlies!”

Pastor LaNora at FOLF

Pastor LaNora at FOLF

Then at our June Gathering, “Avalanche of Glory,” He said to us “The wind of prophesy will cause a shaking, set things in order, place people in new positions of service and restore hope again.” We have seen this happening in the church and now we are seeing it take place in our nation.

As well at the June gathering we heard from Sergio Scataglini, “Live life by design or disaster. We must follow God’s pattern exactly. Heaven’s design is that we will host His presence everywhere, not just in church. This is not for the tentative, insecure, ‘I feel sorry for myself’ Christians! It is time to get into the cloud even if your original vision gets lost for a while.” This challenged us to walk in the fear of the Lord and to be carriers of His presence into dark places. Our nation needs us to take this challenge seriously, now, like never before!

Chuck Pierce prophesying over Jody & LaNora

Chuck Pierce prophesying over Jody & LaNora

Chuck Pierce declared that “An apostolic shift is now occurring in the earth from church life to kingdom advancement. We are in the developmental stage of this and will see it come to maturity in 2019.

LaNora at Treasure Ministries

LaNora at Treasure Ministries

We are in a 2 year presence war. If we will worship, God will establish us in who we are and develop a new identity for the future. Will you allow Him to unlock a new portion in you?” I answered “YES!” to this question and have been experiencing an unfolding of part of my identity that had been buried for a long time. I understood my identity by head knowledge but it had not fully been unlocked in my heart. Since then, I am walking in a new garment and apostolic anointing and authority that is actually beginning to feel “normal.” I pray that you are seeing a revelation of a new level of your identity for this new season. It shifts and changes everything! Ask Him for this if you haven’t had your new portion unlocked! He will open your eyes to see it and reveal to you how to walk in it!

LaNora at FGMI

LaNora at FGMI

Pastor Kilpatrick brought so much rich revelation to us! One thing that he said that we must keep in mind for these days is, “Don’t ever fake what you don’t have! Hold out for the real!” In times of desperation, false prophets and deceiving demonic strategies will rise to tickle our ears and tell us what we want to hear. If we allow this into our souls, we will get off of God’s divine and destined path for our lives. One of the hardest things to do is to wait on God and His timing! However, He and His plans are worth waiting for!

Jody & LaNora with  Pastor Pursell at Madera, CA

Jody & LaNora with Pastor Pursell at Madera, CA

We are now in the year of the “ruling sword of the Lord moving across the earth.” This will be a year of completion and fulfillment and vindication. Those who tremble at His word will carry the fear and majesty of the Lord into the nations and will reveal His glory through manifestations of His power. This will be the beginning of the time known as “Kingdom Come!” This will be the war cry of the glorious church and the rising remnant! The standard will be raised and the nations will bow in these days of Harvest Glory. The remnant will not only be recovered, restored and revived, but they will be a triumphant force to be reckoned with!

LaNora at Madera, CA

LaNora at Madera, CA

We do not have our June Gathering dates determined yet because we are working with the speakers’ schedules and coordinating but we know what it will be called — HARVEST GLORY: THE TRIUMPHANT REMNANT ON THE RISE! Watch for details because it is going to be glorious!

Jody & LaNora praying at Treasure Ministries

Jody & LaNora praying at Treasure Ministries

Our apostolic decree for you in this season: “Receive your new garment! Receive your new portion! Let the new anointing and authority arise and be manifested wherever you go. Give thanks in this season with high praises to execute His vengeance on His enemies. Take new territory! Expand and enlarge! Be stretched to go beyond! Multiply and increase!

With joyful expectation,
Jody and LaNora

November 20152019-01-15T19:38:12-07:00

November 2015

Dear Friends of Revival,

Jody and LanoraThis is a month that we focus on having gratitude and being thankful. We want you to know that we are thanking God for all of you and your partnership. One of our favorite passages at this time of year is in Philippians 1:3-6 “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always offering prayer for you all, in view of your participation in the gospel from the first day until now. For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” Thank you all who covered us on our journey to Israel. The Lord protected us every step of the way and we are so grateful to those of you who interceded for us. When we were at the a0638c8f-39d8-409f-8687-939e77600d63Western Wall, we lifted you and your families to the Lord. His presence was tangibly felt!

Some of you have asked when we will be returning to Israel. I have good news! The next journey is already scheduled forApril 8-22. This journey will begin with 3 days at a beautiful Messianic kibbutz just outside Jerusalem. We will have some ministry opportunities to help these believers in serving their community. Click Here For Information

If you desire to join the trip after the kibbutz portion, contact us by email: FountainGate and we will give you information on how you can also do a shortened version of the trip. Reserve your spot now. Space is limited to 22.

1e2e6cb4-0418-42bc-a11c-77b22dc314a6Upon our return from Israel, the Lord has been speaking to me about my perspective. I may be in some culture shock, but honestly, when I think about the things we consider as a “test,” they pale in comparison to the rest of the world. For instance, just before we left for Israel, my car died after I had been shopping at Costco for some stuff for the church pot luck. I had to call my husband, who ended up having to wait for 2 hours for a tow. It was super inconvenient because I really needed my car the week before leaving. Since it couldn’t be fixed, I had to depend on others to drive me around. This is only one example of what I considered to be a test from God or an attack of the enemy to distract me from what I should be focused on.

While in Israel, my friend and guide, Naomi, shared with me that her 10-year old daughter had been scared while in israelat night bec6d99117a-411b-476f-a9d5-a87aa2bcaae4ause her bus was one of the ones that had a stabbing take place the week before. She was so grateful to God that her daughter had gotten off the bus just before the stabber had gotten on. She said that some of the moms were taking turns to drive the kids into Jerusalem to school each day for the next week to give the kids a chance to recover. By the end of our trip, her daughter was riding the bus again. Naomi said,”This is our life here and we either trust God or we don’t.” When I asked her if she thought it was a test, she looked puzzled and said, ” No, it is just life. The test is how we respond, either in fear or in trust.”

Too ofte65612b1-684d-429d-86c2-a069163d58b7en we base our Christian lives on whatever is trending instead of allowing God to bring a complete upheaval in how we look at things and how we do things. It is definitely a redefining time for many of us. The things we have called “tests” and “attacks” are mostly God, Himself, attempting to undo our neat little world and answer our cry for revival. He must dismantle our controlling nature by allowing life’s circumstances to bring us to our knees. God’s pattern for normal Christianity is not one of a convenience store mentality but living our daily lives under the divine influence of the Holy Spirit. Our cry should be, “If Your presence does not go with us, we won’t move.” Do we bypass taking up the cross for a life of entitlement and empowerment or do we abandon our rights to follow Him? Do we esteem others above ourselves or do we climb the church ladder to attain higher positions and platforms? (Phil.2:3). 21596245-f5c5-49ce-a04f-f2db2b4bca50

Pastor John Kilpatrick says, “Revival is a season of unusual divine visitation which includes supernatural repentance and renewal. Revival sanctifies our pleasures and we live to do His will.”

As another year is coming to a close, I pray that you will continue to join us in hot fervent pursuit for true revival in your personal lives and in your gatherings. It is time for heaven and earth to connect! Stir up the gift of God within you and step out into your calling. (2 Tim 1:6) One of the ways you may want to do this is through FountainGate School of Revival, our new online branch of our school. We must be equipped, trained and activated for the days ahead. Now is the time that we are securing our future! (FGSOR)


Ladies, we are excited to announce the “WOMEN OF REVIVAL GATHERING” on Saturday, April 2nd with Pastor Brenda Kilpatrick, Lila Terhune and others.

And, on June 9-11, we are so blessed to have Pastors John Kilpatrick, Sergio ScataglPP for STN with chuck pierce (1)ini and others for the “ARIZONA REVIVAL AVALANCHE OF GLORY.”

Mark these strategic Gatherings on your calendar and plan to be with us!

b2fba17b-a00f-435c-ae59-a7f959956e60Days of glory that excel beyond what we have known are upon us. Keep your lamp stand full of oil and lit! Be on the alert! Don’t let the holiday season lull you to sleep.14049e59-3ebf-462b-91e9-ef7f80b88912

May the fire on the altar NEVER go out! On the wall with you for the move of
God, Jody and LaNora

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