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Dear Anointed Ones,

Jody and LaNora Morin

Jody and LaNora Morin

We just returned from the Head of the Year Gathering in Denton, Texas with Chuck Pierce and other apostolic leaders. Our hearts are full of the revelation and the impartation we received during those days. We want to encourage you all to go to and watch the replays this week as they are being offered. You will get a full understanding of what the year 5777 will look like.

This is a time that we must receive a fresh anointing for the New Year. There is war ahead but if we will take inventory of our lives, set things in order, and offer our best to God, we will expand our territory and enlarge our borders.

LaNora Morin

LaNora Morin

The gifts that God has placed in you will explode out of you like a mighty river to change the landscape around your life if you will be bold and courageous to step out in faith. Through you, He will bring in His harvest through signs and wonders following after you.

Chuck Pierce

Chuck Pierce

Here at FountainGate we are making a fresh commitment to get more of God’s people activated and sent into the field with powerful demonstrations and manifestations of His glory. Jody received a personal word from Chuck Pierce on Sunday morning that said three times: “Cut through the desert this year! ” The Lord said, “Say to them,’ if you want to stay in the desert then stay. But as for us the river is going to flow through this house!'” This was a word that pierced us through and shook us to the core. We know that it is time for the desert to blossom because of the rivers springing up in the wilderness. We believe that we will see literal floods in the desert this year, but also a flood of His glory will come to our desert. Where will all of this water come from? The flow of the anointing through His church will gush forth!

Best of Israel TourThis will also be a year that Israel will be very significant for us to watch as God’s time piece. The deadline is approaching for your deposit to join us on our 2017 trip. We are convinced that this is a strategic trip and time for impartation. We are excited to announce that Norma Sarvis has agreed to come and meet with our group while we are there. She is linked with Chuck Pierce and his ministry in Israel.

Jody Morin

Jody Morin

As I told one lady who desires to join us, “Do not ever make a spiritual decision based on money. Seek the Lord for His word to you and obey!” Too many people miss out on a divine appointment because they do not believe He will provide. Click Here for more information if the Lord is stirring your heart.

Pastor John Kilpatrick

Pastor John Kilpatrick

We are so excited to announce that Pastor John Kilpatrick will be with us on Saturday night, April 1st for a Night of Revival Glory! There is a strong possibility that Lindell Cooley will be joining him. SAVE THIS DATE!

This coming Sunday, I will be ministering at Fountain of Life on “The Sword of the Lord: Activating a New Anointing for the Year Ahead.” If you are in our area, come and join us at 10:15 am.

We `also want to say that we are so grateful for each of you and your partnership in the advancing of the Kingdom. We commit to pray for you and decree His purposes over your lives daily. If you need prayer, do not hesitate to email or call us. There is power in agreement! FountainGate is here to serve you and your destined purpose. I am making an effort to be on Twitter more and Jody is going on Facebook Live more in order to stay more in touch with you. You can follow me @LaNora Morin and become a friend of FountainGate Ministries on Facebook if you haven’t already. We want to have more contact with you this year. Let us hear from you and how Holy Spirit is moving in your life and ministry.

May the River of God bubble up and explode out of you in glory. May divine order be established in your sphere of influence and may you take new territory this month!

For His Glory,
Jody and LaNora

October 20152019-01-15T19:38:17-07:00

October 2015

Jody and LanoraDear Revival Carriers,

We just had an amazing weekend with Shake the Nations andEvangelist Nathan Morris! The fire on the altars of our hearts is burning even brighter with an increased passion for the presence of God to invade our region. Nathan came as an evangelist to us but he was certainly used as a prophet to declare the word of the Lord. The greatest miracle of all was that a huge number of people gave their hearts to the Lord! The harvest fields are white and it is time to reap! Praise reports are coming in from people saying their lives are changed forever.

If our lives are truly changed forever, then we will see the transformation in our state that has been prophesied take place with greater momentum. One of the things that pierced our hearts to the core was that Nathan said he felt such a spirit of apathy in this region that it made him sick to his stomach. As we further discussed this after the meeting, he shared that when a region has allowed the counterfeit supernatural realm to dominate, then a spectator mentality begins to settle in and the well of the miraculous can be stopped up.

This was not meant to discourage us but should stir us to rise and shine like neverbefore! Some of the things that we have allowed to distract us and to take our attention will have to be set aside for the greater purpose of His glory being revealed. Too many times we find ourselves majoring on the minors and making mountains out of mole hills. We must have the eyes of the Dove. Keeping a single focus on the King will cause our hearts to burn with His desire rather than our own agendas.

We must daily examine our hearts and let the Holy Spirit reveal anything that would deter the move of God in our lives. It is a time that God is showing us our true colors as well as those of others. When He shows us ours, we must repent and ask for His wisdom and ways. When He shows us others, we must pray and not say! In other words, let us watch over our own hearts and refuse to move into a judgmental, critical spirit of our brothers and sisters. We find it much easier to give grace to ourselves than to others. The love of God calls us to lay down our lives for the brethren, not to take their lives into our own hands. This is what it means for us to move in true holiness and the fear of the Lord.
Joseph had a coat of many colors that represented his place of favor with his father. His brothers’ jealousy was fueled by Joseph’s immaturity and pride when he shared his dream with them. The true colors of Joseph and his brothers were revealed through the gift of the coat of many colors. Sometimes our favor and gifts can be a snare to us and to those around us if we are not growing up into mature relationship with our Father. We can find ourselves postured in pride, when the favor and gifts were really given to us to simply represent Him. Or, we may find ourselves jealous of someone else’s favor and gifting and never move into what God ordained for our portion and inheritance.
The good news is that in spite of the human weaknesses, God executed His plan for an entire nation through Joseph and his brothers. It is a beautiful picture of God’s heart
of redemption, restoration, and provision. This shows us that when God shows us the true colors of our character and nature, we have the opportunity to exchange our garmentsof self-promotion for His of love and the heart of a servant.

As we are moving into the holiday season, let us guard over the fire on our altars and not allow our focus on the move of God to dim in the midst of many activities and functions. Sometimes the good things we are doing can crowd in on our devotion and worship if we do not guard against it.Proverbs 16:2 says, “People may be pure in their own eyes, but the Lord examines the motives.” Our prayer is that as He reveals our motives this month, that we will be quick to align to His heart!


FountainGate is heading to Israel from October 16th-30th on another prayer journey. Please pray for us that we will have opportunities to share Jesus and shine His light everywhere we go.

FG School of Practical Ministry is all about how Israel is a time piece for the Lord and how the feasts are revealed through the book of Revelation. Don’t miss Rabbi Jack Zimmerman this month. See the information below.

We are excited to announce that FountainGate School of Revival is going to be offering an online option in addition to on-campus beginning in January. Visit our web site for more information at for more information in the next few weeks.


Women of Revival Gathering with Pastor Brenda Kilpatrick and Lila Terhune on April 2nd will be held at Fountain of Life. It’s going to be a whole day of women being set on fire and activated for the move of God! There will even be a session for the young women, high school and college age!

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