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John Ramirez is a radical believer and ex-satanist. In John’s Boots on The Ground Workshop, he shares insight to equip you with strategies to overcome warfare against the enemy! Click the link below to register today!

The workshop will be co-hosting this event with Fountain of Life in Mesa, AZ on February 5th & 6th, 2022! The services on Saturday are a part of John Ramirez’s workshop, Spiritual Warfare: Boots on the Ground & Freedom Night.

Register for Saturday’s Services | $50 Per Person

The registration fee covers the two services on Saturday February 5th at 9:30AM and 6PM. Sunday’s regular 10:30 AM service is free.

Event Dates & Times:

    • 02/05/22 @ 9:30am & 6pm 
    • 02/06/22 @ 10:30am

Register Below:


About John Ramirez:

In his testimony, Author and Speaker, John Ramirez tells his true life story of how he was trained to be a satanic cult (Santeria and Spiritualist) high ranking priest in New York City—casting powerful witchcraft spells and controlling entire regions. Raised in an impoverished ghetto neighborhood, he grew up despising his father for his careless disregard of his family.

John learned to survive the cold, harsh streets of the South Bronx. Looking for love and validation, he eventually found it in a new “family” of witches and warlocks who groomed him to become a high priest in their occult religion. His plunge into the dark side reached a boiling point on the night he sold his soul to the devil in a diabolical, blood-soaked ritual. With renewed fervor—and the mark of the beast now cut into his right arm—he actively recruited souls into this “unholy kingdom,” haunting the bars and clubs of NYC by night to find his next victims.

John’s life continued on this dark path until God intervened through a miraculous, larger-than-life dream, revealing Himself for who He really is and literally snatching John back from the grips of hell. Many have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ by John’s real and true to life testimony. He is a sought-out speaker by many who want to hear of his involvement in the highest levels of the occult and how he finally came out. People from all ethnic backgrounds dabble in the occult and fall victims to this satanic underworld and never see the way out. John Ramirez is one in a million who made it out.

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