April 2015

APRIL 2015 Dear Redeemed Ones, This is one of our favorite times of year as we enter into a time of remembering the sacrifice of our Lamb and the celebration of our resurrected King. As well, we love to enter into the celebration of Passover! When we enter into Passover, we are reminded that this was the last meal that Jesus had here on earth with His disciples. Leaven, which … Read More →

March 2015

MARCH 2015 Dear Prophetic Warriors, This is one of our favorite months! The Hebrew calendar calls this month “Adar,” which means “strength.” This is a time of great joy and gladness so that we gain new strength. It was during this month that Esther went boldly before the king and strategically saved her people. The anti-Semitic spirit which worked through her enemy, Haman, and the evil decree to annihilate the … Read More →

Uprooting: Making Room for the Miraculous

Uprooting: Making Room for the Miraculous by LaNora Morin It’s a time of uprooting issues of religion and rejection so that we can move into full revival. Once we get rid of these we can move forward in the fulfillment of our destiny!

February 2015

FEBRUARY 2015 Dear Prayer Warriors, As we continue to move forward in 2015, we are more and more aware that the war is raging against the move of God and His servants. As we stand with you, we pray to hear what God is saying to encourage and exhort you to keep fighting the good fight, throw out the giants, and move into your rightful inheritance. This month, I, LaNora, … Read More →

January 2015

JANUARY Dear Triumphant Overcomers, Today, we are writing to share with you what we are hearing from the Lord for 2015. We, along with many other prophets, have already declared the significance of the Hebrew year, 5775. Using the Hebrew letters representing each number, we gain the understanding that this is an Ayin Hei year – meaning that we will see the wind of God. This will manifest in many … Read More →